Discipline/Student Management
School-wide and classroom rules are established to maintain an orderly and safe learning environment and to protect the rights of all students and staff members. Students are encouraged to consistently meet school/classroom expectations of conduct, to set a good example for others, and to reflect upon how their behavior affects others. Students that consistently meet classroom and school-wide expectations earn positive consequences. Conversely, students that do not meet school-wide and classroom expectations for conduct earn negative consequences for their actions. Our student management system is further described as follows:

Positive Consequences:
Hayes Heroes
Students that exhibit social and academic character will be recognized as Heroes by their peers and teachers.

Pizza with the Principal
Each Hero will be recognized at monthly Pizza with the Principal luncheons. The luncheons are sponsored by the Hayes PTA and local business partners. Heroes are recognized by peers and teachers for their positive contributions to the academic and/or social climate of the school community at the luncheons. Student Awards/Recognition Classroom teachers will celebrate student success on a frequent basis as well in a variety of ways.

Exemplary Attendance Awards

Students demonstrating positive attendance practices receive the Governor’s Attendance Award at the end of each school year. Students are eligible to receive this award if they have no more than three excused absences each school year. Three tardies equal one absence for this purpose.

Student Council

Intermediate level students are eligible to participate in Student Council affairs. Grade four and five students are eligible for leadership roles (officers) through the election process each school year. The Council organizes select campus activities, and raises funds for school improvement endeavors.

Honor Choir
Grade four and five students may be eligible to participate in the school choir, which represents the Hayes student body on and off campus throughout the school year.

Great Nevadan (gr.4)/Great American Award (gr. 5)
Intermediate students are challenged with meeting the demands of these challenges, which includes memorization and recitation of important Nevada facts.

Accelerated Reader
Students that attain individual reading goals will participate in a PTA-sponsored celebration once per trimester.

Negative Consequences:
Informal Talk
Student is made aware of inappropriate behavior.

Teacher/Student Conference
Teacher and student discuss the expectations for positive behavior that are of concern, and suggestions are made for improvement.

Behavior Contract
Teacher and student develop a contract agreement to improve behavior.

Requested Parent-Teacher Conference (RPC)
Teacher requests parent and student participation in a problem-solving conference.

Behavior Incentive Plan
Teacher consults with colleagues specializing in behavior management to develop a behavior plan. School faculty and staff implement the plan to assist the student in becoming successful in meeting school-wide expectations for positive behavior.

Required Parent Conference (RPC)
School administration requires parent(s) to attend a conference in which the progress toward behavior interventions and the possibility further negative consequences is reported.

In-School Discipline
Access to common privileges (e.g. lunch recess) is temporarily withheld and replaced with a character building activity.

Student is removed from school for a number of days to be determined by the principal. A Required Parent Conference must be held prior to the student’s return (CCSD Regulation 5141.1).
Removal of student from school (CCSD Regulation 5141.1).

Discipline/Student Management continued..

*If a student’s behavior is deemed too disruptive for the classroom environment, and limits the teacher’s ability to teach, he/she may be removed and placed in an alternate educational setting (Assembly Bill 521).

A task force of faculty and staff continue to participate in a Positive Behavior Support (PBS) grant opportunity. Through the grant, school-wide expectations and rewards systems have been developed and continue to be refined.